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Top Reasons You Should Hire a DUI Lawyer


Like any other court proceeding, drunk driving cases also entitles you to getting the help and counsel of an attorney. However, some people are confused about whether they should hire an attorney in DUI cases.


If you are one of them, you have come to the right place. In this post, I will discuss why you need a DUI attorney. After reading the article, you will find out the benefits of hiring such an attorney.

DUI Laws have Changed

In the past, it was easy to defend the DUI cases by pleading reckless driving charges. However, with the new laws replacing the old ones, this system doesn’t work anymore. Now all the states have strict DUI laws with dire consequences.

In order to make you guilty, the newer laws only require a blood-alcohol level of 0.08. You don’t have to stagger, slur or look drunk in any other way. As a result, you will need expert opinions in these instances. Hiring local attorneys like Spokane DUI lawyer cold be very helpful in dealing with the local DUI laws.

The License Could be Suspended

In total, 41 states have laws which allow police and other enforcement agencies to seize and cancel your driving license instantly. However, that will only happen if you are absolutely found guilty on the spot.

And if you refuse to take the tests, your license could be immediately confiscated. According to the new laws, the suspension of your license doesn’t require any court proceeding. As the state gives you the permission to drive in the roads, it can take the permission away too.

Consider Taking a BAC Test

The level and severity of drunk driving consequences depend on the blood-alcohol. In all the states, if your blood-alcohol level is more than 0.8, you will definitely have to bear consequences, there is no ‘if’, ‘may’ or ‘could’ here.

And one of the most reliable ways to find out the blood-alcohol level is to know your BAC level when you were arrested. If the BAC level was more than the accepted range, your attorney won’t be able to do a lot for you. The DUI conviction will be definitely included in your driving records.

The Roles of a DUI Attorney

Suspending your license is just the beginning of the DUI consequences. Depending on the case type, you can also get jails sentence and monetary fines. Some courts could also order an increase in your car insurance rate. And in most cases, you will have a criminal conviction record for the rest of your life.

Hiring an experienced attorney could be effective in reducing the amount of these consequences. And if that’s not possible, they will at least be able to help you to be prepared for the court proceedings and guide you through the various stages of the trial process.

If you have read the article carefully, you should know that hiring a DUI attorney could be very beneficial for you. They can help you in taking the necessary preparation for the court proceeding and other relevant aspects.